KSJ_PIXI have been involved in the media, performing arts and entertainment industries for a number of years. Professional experience includes working for 3D interactive movie creators Brilliant Digital Entertainment (USA/Australia – Warner Brothers/DC Comics), technical/teaching support (audio, video, film), content producing and managing an audio post-production studio. I have also lectured across NZ, Australia, Ireland and the USA in sound for film, animation, games, and interactivity in performance, music video production and screen media production. Credits range from short films to features, interactive movies, television series, animation, commercials, documentary, theatre and PC/iPod games. My work has been screened in a number of international festivals, with awards from Denmark, Singapore, Korea, NZ, Canada, USA, and Germany.  Currently I am working on a number film, animation and VR projects, and completing a book “Sound Design for Moving Image” (Bloomsbury, UK).


PhD Post-Production, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia, completion 2018

MFA Production, University of Melbourne, Australia, 2014

MA, Audio Production,  University of Westminster, London, UK 2003 

Certificate/Advanced Certificate in Film & Television Production, TAFE, NSW, Sydney, Australia 1996 

Diploma in Audio Engineering, School of Audio Engineering, Auckland, NZ 1991 

Certificate in Journalism, Wellington Polytechnic (now Massey University), Wellington, NZ 1988 


  • Audio: Music Business, Digital Sound Design, Music Technology, Surround Sound, and Radio Production
  • Business: Business Management (cert), Copyright & Intellectual Property, Business Development, PR, Social Media and Marketing, VR the Business
  • Design: Web Design, Graphic Design, Photography, and Computer Aided Design
  • Education: Project Management, Instructional Design, People Management in Education (cert), Meeting Millennials in the Classroom: Implications for Academic Leaders (DePaul University, USA), GLE Course (Global Learning Experience), Feedback in Motion: Screen-casting Student Feedback Workshop. Accreditation Workshop (DePaul University, USA), The Third Bohemia: 3 Day Workshop Attendee/Presenter “Story, Sound, Design – Sculpting in Time” (Chicago, USA).
  • Film & TV: Film Distribution, Film Producing, Channel & Video Optimization (YouTube), HD Workflow, Television Operations, Avid Editing, Cinematography, Documentary Film, Creative Film & TV Production


Audio Producer/Sound Designer, Auckland, NZ/Chicago, USA 2003-ongoing
Sound design, editing, recording, mixing, mastering and music production for film, animation, games, broadcast, documentary, advertising, web/multimedia and theatre. Studio management and administration.

Audiovisual Services/Exhibitions, Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI), Melbourne, Australia, 2013
Freelance audiovisual support services, technology team: 
Hollywood Costumes Exhibition and Spectacle: The Music Video Exhibition

Producer/Content Manager, Telecom, Auckland, NZ 2003
Video to mobile streaming and online (web) content management (news, entertainment, music management).

Teaching/Production Supervision, Dublin Institute of Technology, School of Media – Dublin, Ireland 2001-2003
Production support/supervision of undergraduate and postgraduate film and broadcast students, tutorials and facility management (sound recording/video post studios)

Studio Engineer, News talk 106FM, Dublin, Ireland 2001-2002
Studio operations, production support and sound mixing for live to air news and current affairs programming

Principal Engineer/Sound Designer, Editor, Mixer, Brilliant Digital Entertainment, Sydney, Australia/USA 1997-200
Sound editing, sound design, mixing and mastering of 3D interactive animated soundtracks for Warner Brothers/DC Comics (features, series, webisodes & trailers), network administration, project archiving and studio/freelance staff management.

Studio Engineer/Producer, Radio Out There & Fbi Radio, Sydney, Australia 1997
Audio production of magazine styled syndicated youth radio show: live recording and audio postproduction (music & info/entertainment)

Teaching & Technical Support, College of Fine Arts, University of NSW – Sydney, Australia 1995-1997
Staff/student and production support (audio, film, video), resource development, tutorials, technical advice and facilities management (sound studios, TV studio & video edit suites)

Audio/Video Editor, Rehame Sydney (now Media Monitors), Australia 1995
Audio-video editing (government and corporate public relations).

Audio-Visual Services, AVS/Sheraton Hotel, Sydney, Australia 1995
Corporate events services – live sound, camera operation, lighting, video/data & event management.

Production Technician, Media Services & Broadcasting, AUT, Auckland, NZ 1992-1994
Scriptwriting, camera, lighting, sound and postproduction of educational resources, & promotional videos, staff & student support, technical advice and facilities management (sound studio & edit suites)

Studio Production Assistant – Skylight Pictures, Auckland AudioRadio Pacific Auckland, NZ 1990-1992
Live-to-air (talkback radio), television commercials, audio postproduction on feature films

Writer/Editor, Radio NZ, Contact News, Agenda Magazine, Wellington, NZ 1989-1990
Freelance writing and editing children’s radio, news/current affairs, and arts magazine features/profiles (music/film/fashion).



Admedia Magazine (2012), OnFilm Magazine  (2010), Idealog Magazine (2008), Admedia Magazine (2007), OnFilm Magazine (2007), Mac Magazine (2006), Admedia Magazine (Sept/Oct 2006).


Panel VR Week, Ablecine, Chicago, USA 2016

Presenter New Directions in Film & TV Production Studies, Bristol, UK, 2015

  • Post Film, Let’s Play: Sound, Design & The Digital Pipeline

Presenter Society for Animation Studies Conference, Corus Entertainment, Toronto, Canada, 2014

  • Narrative Aesthetics: A Case for Pre-Auralvis in Story Development
  • Authenticity in Docu-Drama: Capturing Displacement Through Animation

Presenter History, Cinema, Digital Archives Conference, ANU, Canberra, Australia, 2014

  • Audible Visibility: Sound Effects in Silent Cinema

Poster Presentation Research Symposium, Victoria University, Australia, 2014

  • Creative Collaboration: Auteur or Collective Authorship?

Presenter Society for Animation Studies Conference, USC, Los Angeles, USA, 2013

  • DIY Viral Animation

Presenter Research Symposium, Victorian College of the Arts, Australia, 2012/2013


Assistant Professor: Sound Design/Re-recording Mixing
School of Cinematic Arts, DePaul University, Chicago, USA, 2016-ongoing

Guest Lecturer: Web Audio
Victoria University – Melbourne, Australia, 2014

Guest Lecturer: Sound Design for Animation
University of Melbourne (VCA) – Melbourne, Australia, 2014

Lecturer: Audio & Acoustic Theory,  Intro to Film, TV, Radio Audio & Audio Post Production for Film, Animation, TV
JMC Academy – Melbourne, Australia, 2011-2012
Bachelor of Creative Technology (Audio) – 1
st, 2nd & 3rd Year

Lecturer: Music Production Principles, Screen Media Production, Interactivity in Performance, Business/Freelancing
Boxhill, TAFE –  Melbourne, Australia, 2011:
Advanced Diploma in Sound Production, BA Music

Lecturer: Digital Audio Production – Digital Media & Communications
AUT  – Auckland, NZ, 2009-2010
Undergraduate/Postgraduate Digital Media and Creative Technologies

Senior Lecturer/Supervisor: Film Sound, Music Video Production/Post Production
NZ Film Academy – Auckland, NZ, 2004-2010
Certificate in Applied Filmmaking

Lecturer: Sound Design for Games & Digital Media
Media Design School – Auckland, NZ, 2006-2010
Games Development Diploma, Diploma of Interactive Gaming and Diploma in Digital Media

Guest lecturer: Location Sound
Massey University – Auckland, NZ 2009
BA Communications

Guest lecturer: Sound Design for Animation
Unitec – Auckland, NZ 2008
Diploma in Animation

SCREEN CREDITS (1997-2017)

Animation, Interactive Titles, Web Series, Games:

Kiss: The Immortals – USA, Sound Editor/Designer & Dubbing Mixer, Superman: Menace of Metallo – USA, Sound Editor/Designer & Dubbing Mixer, Superman: Boxing the Parasite – USA, Sound Editor/Designer & Dubbing Mixer, Superman: Bizarro – USA, Sound Editor/Designer & Dubbing Mixer, Colour Books: Internet Series – Singapore, Sound Editor/Designer & Dubbing Mixer, Gravity Angels: Interactive Animated Feature Film – USA, Sound Editor/Designer, Ace Ventura: Serial Shaver – USA, Sound Editor/Designer, Ace Ventura: Fists of Fur – USA, Sound Editor/Designer, Ace Ventura: The Don is Dead – USA, Sound Editor/Designer, Popeye: The Rescue – USA, Sound Editor/Designer Popeye: Woolly Mammoth – USA, Sound Editor/Designer, Xena Warrior Princess: Death in Chains – USA, Sound Editor/Designer, Xena Warrior Princess: Dreamworker – USA, Dialog Editor, Xena Warrior Princess: Girls Just Want To Have Fun – USA, Dialog Editor, Choose Your Own Nightmare: How I Became A Freak– USA, Dialog Editor, Choose Your Own Nightmare: Halloween Party – USA, Dialog Editor, A Kiwi Tale: PC Game – NZ, Sound Design & Music Supervision, Exquisite Corpse: Viral Animation Series – NZ, Sound Design, Music & Dubbing Mixer, Nova Run: Ipod game – NZ, Sound Design & Music

* M+E’s, localisations (German, French, Spanish, Portuegese, Japanese, Chinese)


Snooze – Australia, Sound Designer & Dubbing Mixer, Red Tape – Ireland, Sound Editor/Designer & Dubbing Mixer, The Swan Story – Ireland, Sound Editor/Designer & Dubbing Mixer, Pigeon Director – London, Sound Editor/Designer & Dubbing Mixer, Little Scars – London, Sound Designer, Johnny Gets The Blues – NZ, Sound Designer & Dubbing Mixer, The Red Shed – NZ, Sound Design, Music, Salmasin – NZ, Sound Design, Music & Dubbing Mixer, Rain – NZ, Sound Design & Dubbing Mixer, The Last Magic Show – NZ, Sound Design & Dubbing Mixer, Sleeper – NZ, Sound Design & Dubbing Mixer, Graham – NZ, Sound Design, Music & Dubbing Mixer, State of Dreams – NZ, Sound Design & Dubbing Mixer, Mitsabi’s Dream – NZ, Sound Design, Shirley – NZ, Sound Design, Music & Dubbing Mixer, Rude Awakening – NZ, Sound Design & Dubbing Mixer, Broke – NZ, Sound Design & Dubbing Mixer, Dropfish – NZ, Sound Design & Dubbing Mixer, Meniscus – NZ, Sound Design & Dubbing Mixer, Last Flight – NZ, Sound Design & Dubbing Mixer,  Seven Years of Winter – Germany/Russia, Sound Design & Dubbing Mixer, Hranice/Border – Germany/Czech Republic, Sound Design, Music & Dubbing Mixer, TALK – NZ, Sound Design & Dubbing Mixer, Milk & Honey – NZ, Sound Design, Music & Dubbing Mixer, Sword – NZ, Sound Design, Music & Dubbing Mixer, Misgivings – Australia, Sound Design, M is for Music Chairs – NZ, Sound Design, Dubbing Mixer, Flicker – NZ, Sound Designer & Dubbing Mixing, A Christmas Wish – NZ, Sound Designer/Dubbing Mixing


Eating Media Lunch (TV Series) – NZ, Dialog Recording/SFX, Jungle Fever (Series) – NZ, Dialog re-recording, Life On Ben (Children’s Series) – NZ, Sound Design & Dubbing Mixer, 50% (Documentary) – NZ, Sound Design & Dubbing Mixer, The Outlook for Tomorrow (Documentary Series) 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 – NZ, Sound Design & Dubbing Mixer


Compleat Female Stage Beauty – Sound Design and Composition – Melbourne, Australia 2012
Act A Lady – Sound Design and Composition – Melbourne, Australia 2013
Dropped – Sound Design and Composition – Melbourne, Australia 2013/2014
Let’s Take a Walk – Sound Design and Visual Projections – Melbourne, Australia, 2015
E-BABY– Sound Design – Melbourne, Australia, 2015
The Regime – Sound Design/MixRadiotonic (ABC Radio National), Australia 2016

Musical exploits:
Spank, Big Red Monster, DMF, TOEL, Sawin’ for Teens, Killing Kylie, ODD, and currently Alice in Exile:



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